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1L Rotary Evaporator N-1200 & N-1110 Series
EYELA has always been a leading supplier of evaporators.
Wide selections of functional features is realized by latest models N-1200 & N-1110.
Compact, space saving type N-1100 series.
Stable and solid construction type N-1200 series with auto jack option.
A type is manual jack and B type is provided with auto jack. Newly developped vacuum seal ensures long life and stable vacuum. Rotation speed is memorized with B type which features high reproducibility of rotation speed.
Compact and slim N-1110 series is easy to handle. N-1110AN is angle connction type.
N-1110N is without condenser.
* N-1110 and N-1200A series have been obsoleted.
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Rotary Evaporator
Centrifugal Evaporator


3250rpm(60Hz) rotation speed, Ultimate vacuum 1333Pa, Inner chamber dimensions Φ120 x 62H(mm)