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Personal Organic Synthesizer ChemiStation PPV-4430
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Product name Personal Organic Synthesizer (ChemiStation)
Model PPV-4430 PPV-4431 PPV-4460
Cat. No. 229990 230000 230010
Reaction vessel 1 ~ 4
Synthesis scale Φ30.14mL Φ30.11mL Φ60.63mL
(Inner vol. 42mL (Inner vol. 33mL (Inner vol. 190mL
w/o protection tube) with protection tube) with protection tube)
Stirring Strong magnetic stirrer
Max. pressure Autoclave: (except hydrogen gas, acethylene gas): less 5MPa
Flamable gas(hydrogen gas, acethylene gas): less 1MPa
Temp. control range -10 ~ 200℃ (4 independent control) with cooling water circulator
Rotation speed 50~1500 rpm (water 14mL) 50~1500 rpm (water 11mL) 50~1000 rpm (water 63mL)
Temp. setting & display Sheet key input, digital display ('-40~200℃)
Stirrer setting and display   Volume setting, digital display (0~2000rpm)
Gas replacement With needle valve (gas injection 2 flow, exhaust 1 flow)
exhaust & inert gas injection: leak test possible
Observation window Slit in front of aluminum block (with LED light)
Safety features Relief valve, Reverse gas flow prevention, Airo purge, Self diagnosis
Double chamber, Drip tray, Fuse, Motor overload protection
Temp. measurement Pressure vessel with temp. sensor protection tube
Temperature sensor insert hole in aluminum block
Dimensions (mm) 475Wx421Dx590H
Weight 34kg 40kg
Power source 13A, 1300VA, AC100V, 50/60Hz


High pressure manifold panel PPV-40HP Cat. No. 218540
Pressure vessel HIP-30 HIP-30L HIP-60
Cat. No. 218290 Cat. No. 228190 Cat. No. 218310
Drip proof cover Cat. No. 228020 Cat. No. 228010
Test tube adapter Cat. No. 227970 -
Temp. control & stirring unit PPV-CTRL1 Cat. No. 227230